Promotion and advancement of the subject of psychiatry and mental health by working together.


i. To ensure the highest possible standards of clinical practice;
ii. To promote psychiatric education and research;
iii. To advance and represent the profession of psychiatry;
iv. To promote ethical standards in the practice of psychiatry in Bangladesh;
v. To protect the interest of Psychiatrists and fellow professionals in Bangladesh;
vi. To be a voice for the dignity and human rights of the patients and their families, and to uphold the rights of psychiatrists.


• Organizational representation, transparency and accountability
• Best standards of clinical practice
• Highest ethical standards of professional conduct
• Scientifically established principles of treatment
• Respect for diverse views and pluralism within the field and the association
• Respect for other health professionals
• Inclusive, user and family centered, recovery-oriented mental health treatment and rehabilitation services
• Compassion and selflessness in all human endeavors
• Balancing self-sufficiency and inter-dependence as a principle of personal mental health