Announcement for 9th ICP

Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists (BAP)

9th International Conference on Psychiatry (ICP)




   11-12 December, 2017

                                           Sayeman Beach Resort, Cox’s Bazar.



Welcome you all to the 9th International Conference on Psychiatry  (ICP) organized by Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists (BAP) on 11-12 December 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The theme of the conference is “Urbanization and Mental Health: Issues and Concerns”.

Urbanization is a process leading to the growth of the cities. This includes social, economic and psychological changes that constitute the demographic movement. Urban life itself becomes a concern for mental health professionals due to its overwhelming impact on psychological well being of individuals through the influence of increased stressors, such as highly competitive and overcrowded environment, high levels of violence and isolation.

Scientific committee is committed to provide an intellectually stimulating experience to the delegates with the recent advancements, controversies and future directions of psychiatry. Participants will enjoy the plenaries, symposia, debates, workshops, oral presentations and e-posters along with eye opening thoughts and discussions from top experts in the field.

The world’s longest, unbroken 120 km sandy sea beach of Cox’s Bazar invites sea lovers to the fathomless beauty and divinity of its deep blue waves, vast and tranquil seashores together with mouth watering beach foods. Participants will love the soothing weather of December along with our local culture, warm hospitality and pleasant shopping experiences.

Join us in this wonderful interaction in December 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  

With Best Regards,

Md Faruq Alam 
Scientific Committee, 9th ICP    

Mekhala Sarkar
Member Secretary,
Scientific Committee, 9th ICP